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We are Colorful, Unique and Bold!

We want to create a world of fun, color, and boldness and the only way we can do this is with you.  We decided that is colorful, unique, and bold is the only way to get our happiness back.  We're tired of the depressing sad world and decided to build a website of inspirational, educational and fun.  So come back and see what unique creative ideas we come up with and take a look at our shop while you're here.  Let's build a peaceful world of colorful and fun new habits. 


If you need a pick-you-up group, come join our FB group for only positive inspirational input.  Join our FB group today and let's change the world together. Click Here.


We will not accept the norm or be a pavement of destruction. We are bold, creative, unique, different, misunderstood, and sometimes counted out. We stand to be heard, seen, and recognized while making a difference in a world that's depressing while we age or too young to retire.  We can teach the next generation that they can have the life of their dreams if they have a vision, a plan, and a mind that's willing to receive advice from someone who cares about their future. Let's restart-recreate and regain our fun and happiness.


If you want feel free to reach out to Evelyn on social media, by clicking here and


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