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We are different and we love it.   We're Innovative and come up with unique things. If you don't believe us, check out what some of our clients think.

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A Few Kind Words

Donna Corry
I was reading your blog on Facebook and I was wondering if there was anything else I could learn from you far as the business that's not in the book that I have brought or do I need to purchase all three because lady I want to be just like you when it's all said and done and I no it don't happen overnight. You are the best.

Owner of Pretty Incredible Gifts 
Lorilla Brown Phillips
Kudos to Authoress Evelyn Jackson I recently purchased her book "Divalyn Pleasure Guide to Marketing Your Micro-Small Business". This book is a must-read for any and every business owner. Her marketing tips were out the box and unique. Not a lot of esoteric marketing language just straight forward no chasers. A must-read if your serious about growing and marketing your business
The Brown Wealth Plan/Financial Services
Betty Kennedy
Evelyn, I had to personally call you today.  I brought some products from a  Cosmetic company and spent over $100 and didn't receive not one sample, not one... I was so disappointed.  I remember when I brought some products off of you even if it was only $10 you gave me bundles and bundles of samples... Well, I have to tell you after reading your book and I practice what you told me, my business has grown tremendously.  I don't know what to say, but you're Notorious ( A bad sister) and On Point... I started giving out samples of my candles and Wow.... I've grown so much... something that simply changed my life.  Thank you so much Evelyn, you're awesome..
Kennedy Candles Inc..
Antionette Hight

Ok, I need to let you all know that I met with Authoress Evelyn Jackson today, and she is AWESOME!!! We spent THREE plus hours talking!!! OMG the info she gave me is HUGE!!! I am going to get started on the things we talked about ASAP!!! I got the paper for the bag books, I'll start them now to have for this weekend!!! People, her ideas are INNOVATIVE!!! If you haven't booked FACE time with her, you SHOULD!!!! Evelyn, I WILL be updating you REAL SOON!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!

Into'me Hight

I was telling my girlfriend about your book and I can't wait to finish reading it, it's an easy read book. Overall it was easy with real things I could follow and not pay out an arm and leg for marketing.  My favorite chapters 5 and 10 were the best... So, tell me when are you doing another book?
 Great book!!

Kim M Sudderth
**Author/Ceo of Angel Power Holdings, LLC

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