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Aging is Colorful

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

It's 1am and I'm looking at TikTok watching the half naked girls show their boobs. Then scroll and see half naked big beautiful women showing their curves which I love because I'm a bbw. Scroll some more and there it is, the older woman who's crying for people to stop telling her she's too old to be on TikTok. Then I scroll to see the older woman who said she taped herself in a bathing suit with a six pack showing others how they can be in shape and guess what, TikTok took it down five times. The older woman who's loving her age of being 45 and the younger people telling her she looks 65. The older woman who's in shape and can dance her ass off for the younger person to tell her to sit down even though she can bust a move better than them.

When will this stop? I experienced this myself returning to school after 30 years and in my first essay I got my first "F" in my 54 years of living. I ran to my car crying because I've always been an honor roll student. I put my all into this paper and knew I did a good job. I got the courage to ask the teacher why she gave me an “F” and she said my writing was horrible and I’m old enough to know better. She suggested I drop the class and get some help on my writing skills. I was devastated, I mean I was crying for hours and couldn’t drive myself home. I also experience going through 2 years of college eating by myself, sitting by myself and studying by myself. I was the oldest student there since I went in the daytime because I'm a business owner. The teachers would look at me strangely trying to figure out why I was there and treated me differently because they thought I was too old to be there. The feeling of not being wanted was big. It was my biggest dream to go to this prestigious college, but I had some horrible moments. I want to create a movement to let people be aware of ageism and try to change how people treat women who’s maturing beautifully. We are strong, beautiful, talented and blessed to have a body that’s aging, but feel young inside. We are able to do things that younger people can’t do. We can move our bodies gracefully and have a mean two step they wouldn’t understand. We can run, jog, ride bicycles and do cardio just like the young folks. We also have bad days of body aches, just like the young folks. So give us a break and stop with the age discrimination, we no longer live in the 1940’s, we’re a new bread of sophisticated ladies and we’re healthier than a lot of younger people.

Note: I forgot to tell you, that teacher who gave me the “F”, had to give me a “B” for my final grade because I had to prove to her that this old lady rocked, even though she was about 70 years old herself.

Written by: AuthoressEvelyn

NOTE: I write from my heart and I'm not perfect, so there will be errors in my post and I really don't care. Sorry, but not sorry! I'm writing to help me and hope to help someone else. Let's create a movement of helping others who might need us by sending them to our Facebook page:

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