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Ring my way.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

One day you dream about that day when he’ll put a ring on it and you wait and wait. Who came up with this idea anyway? As we get older you wait on it and now you look up and it looks like it’s never going to happen. You could be that woman, like me who was married for 18 years and it was a living hell. You don’t want a ring from another person, but deep in your mind, you wish you could have the ring without the commitment. We live in a society of traditions where women feel like they’re nobody without being married or having that ring from their significant other. Why is everything changing but we still live in this old mindset that we can only have a ring from someone else? Women are doing things they shouldn’t be doing to get a ring (horrible things). They stay in abusive relationships, be it verbal or physical to get that ring. She's so hypnotized with the thought of being married that she thinks it will solve her problems because she doesn’t love herself. You know the saying: if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. BAM, they said it, not me!

Why do they go to court and tell the judge, the man can have everything except the ring because she gave him her time. Shoot, get out and get your time back! Why when your engagement falls apart, it’s so hard for you to give the ring back? All of a sudden you get all the advice in the world to give it back, keep it or pawn it. Really, are you willing to lower your standards for a ring that can be brought again by someone else or you?

Let's talk about how this blog came up. I was going through something last month and felt kind of sad and out of place. My dad died, my boyfriend had a major heart attack and my daughter told me I needed to make some friends because she's doing her. I was sad and confused. I felt betrayed by everyone and I knew something had to change if I was going to survive life. I didn't feel loved by anyone or by myself. You see I was married for 18 years and I wasn’t ready to do that again. So I asked my boyfriend (me still feeling unloved) if we can have a friendship ring for now and I actually went on Amazon to show him a ring I liked. The answer was crazy because he said to me he had to look at his funds to see if he can afford it without even looking at the ring or price. He basically said I wasn't worthy to even look at the picture. At that moment, I came to a conclusion: why wait for him when I could be my own best friend and buy the ring myself. I waited two days to see if he would buy me this ring or at least talk about it. He never answered me, so I decided that day, I love myself enough to put a ring on it and forget I even asked.

You see, we have to stop depending on others to love us back or make us feel special. If we’re newly single, divorced, lonely, or just confused about life, the one thing we need to do is always love ourselves unconditionally. Everything can change even the silly idea that someone else has to put a ring on our fingers. If we want a ring, then let’s buy it ourselves and if you’re getting married, nobody said the ring had to go on that finger, any finger will do!

Oh, before I forget, I brought my own damn ring and it’s too cute. I love me some me and my ring only cost $30. It was never about the cost, it was about feeling loved and I did this for myself. The thing that made me think about this is how he never asked me the price and I never told him the cost. Ladies, stop waiting for others to love you when you can do it yourself. As Beyonce said, put a ring on it! Your love for yourself is “Priceless”

Written by: AuthoressEvelyn

NOTE: I write from my heart and I'm not perfect, so there will be errors in my post and I really don't care. Sorry, but not sorry! I'm writing to help me and hope to help someone else. Let's create a movement of helping others who might need us by sending them to our Facebook page:

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