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Someone Stole My Time

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

ItIt's been 30+ years since I've been to the supermarket by myself! This is a moment I'll write down in my books. I'm 54 and haven't been to a supermarket by myself since I was a single parent. As i'm walking through the aisles and picking up things I have a big smile on my face. I'm like a big kid who's lost in a candy store or been released from a prison of fear. Why did it take me so long to come to the supermarket by myself? Why do I call my daughter every time I need to go out? Why do I call a friend to take me? I lost something when I was younger which caused me to lose my time and to stop living. I was kidnapped when I was 19 and this made me scared to come outside. Today, I'm starting to live again, so come with me on my journey!s b

We want our independence, but act like we can't do things ourselves. We give all our time raising our kids, helping others, being in relationship and just being there for anyone who needs us. You look up and you've aged and looking good for your age at that. You feel like you should be doing more! You don't know what to do and might be lonely, depressed or need some friends. What about you, did you lose yourself? What happened to us being happy? Someone stole our time and we should get it back! It's not too late to start doing you! It's not too late to start a business! It's not too late to start over! It's not to late to starting loving you again!

Let's use this platform to grow together. Let's create a movement of aging with fun excitement and adventures. Let's do us without feeling guilty. Let's stop taking care of everyone before we take care of ourselves. I will be reaching out to some of you to help me with this movement. As we age, we realize life is too short and we want to do things before we're called to a bigger and better place.

Let's call ourselves the Queen Titans! We are mighty and strong and we can take on whatever you throw our way. We're 39 and over because hiting 40 is a scary thing to some and to others this is when we start living. We're the Queens who fight back for our freedom, love, respect and our independence.

Written by: AuthoressEvelyn

NOTE: I write from my heart and I'm not perfect, so there will be errors in my post and I really don't care. Sorry, but not sorry! I'm writing to help me and hope to help someone else. Let's create a movement of helping others who might need us by sending them to our Facebook page:


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