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Why it's so NOISY?

You go on social media and everyone has a way for you to make money. Everyone tells you you’re doing this wrong. Everyone has a solution and you should niche down. Everyone’s website looks the same and you scroll down this long page of words skipping over everything just to see the ridiculous price. I’m sick of the noise when everyone wants to be an influencer, everyone wants to be seen, everyone is niching the Niche! People want to tell you how to blog and how often, I’ll blog when the hell I feel like it, oops my bad. People want to tell you to keep it simple don’t use too much color or not that font on your page, but what if I’m a colorful, fonty type of person? I want to be me, not you! Social media is too damn noisy.

I want the fun to come back to social media. Remember when you can go online and look at something and you would have that really good laugh that tears came out of your eyes? Remember the memes that were so cute you would share all over social media, especially with the lady and the cats? I want social media back that inspires and teach us, not leave us sad and depressed. What happened to the fun Coaches? Whatever happened to people being nice and uplifting others?

I want people to share recipes and not people telling others to take it down because the food don’t look right. What happened to people just being nice and like our momma used to say, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I want the old social media back!

Why every time I look at something I have to see butts (big one, small ones and very big big ones) and tits all over the place? I have my own to look at and don’t want to be looking at others. What happened to privacy, my privacy of not wanting to see it? Then they want to know why our kids are so grown and why our kids are so depressed or disrespectful. I want the old social media back, this crap we have now is for the birds or not. I understand accepting your beauty, but it’s a better way of showing it without shaking your ass all over the place.. Sorry for the curse word, but there was no other way to say it.

How can we have our kids respect us if all they see and hear is drama, arguments, fights, killing, and women/men disrespecting each other? How is the future generation going to build wealth if they can’t even build their health up, which is extremely important? The next generation is lazy and doesn’t want to cook or clean or pay for anything. They rather go into stores and rob and take what they want instead of working hard for it. What are we teaching our kids by letting them watch anything and everything on TV and Youtube? How are they supposed to stretch their minds if we’re not monitoring their minds? We can't put down our phones for a minute thinking the world needs our eyes to see everything.

I want the fun social media to come back with the meme that makes you giggle so hard, that you might have to run to the bathroom (drip, drip). What happened to the funny jokes that make you want to share with a friend online? What happened to sharing awesome advice someone gave you online that makes sense and helps you move to the next level in your life or career? What happened to the person who inspires you when you had a bad night and you wake up to see her post and it changed your day/week for the better? What happened to those days of fun on social media? It's too much noise and I want it to stop.

Let’s start a movement and get things back to the way it used to be. If you want the older days back come join my FB group and let’s talk about change and what we can do to help our future generation have a more positive and productive life. If you don’t want change why would our kids want change? Let's start NOW!

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Note: Sorry for the language and I don't own rights to pictures, I googled them. The words are mines (Authoress Evelyn )and I'm sticking to it!