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Will your Identity Suck?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Ladies, it's 4 months and this year is done! It's time to get busy because no way and I mean no way I'm about to run. January is near and we have so much to do, are you with me so we can do the do? I struggled with tears and no sleep in sight, the death of a parent with headaches all night. The heartaches that bangs on my chest day and night, will keep me going for today I fight. What's coming towards us is scary and insane. People are being threatened to take the Covid shot or be the blame. People are losing their jobs with no freedom to choose, either way we all lose. We have no rights and everything is taken away. What is going on and what can we do or say?


Can we find our true self by looking at what's happening? These are the facts:

  • People will lose their jobs because people won't take that shot.

  • People will need to find a way to make extra income.

  • The world will see violence like they have never seen before.

  • Our kids are in trouble in the school system and will not be a safe place for some.

  • People will be divided because the news and the government is creating panic.

  • Your faith will be tested and people will become more spiritual (business idea).

  • Your talent will be tested and will you be able to make money (business idea).

  • People will become extremely depressed and will need you (business idea).

  • New businesses will sprout all over the place, will you be ready (business idea)?

  • Support groups will be formed will you get involved to make it work (a movement)?

You can see the world is changing and we need to change with it. What will you be doing in the next few months? Will you sleep it away or will you make a change so the change won't make you? Will you be the leader or will you be the follower? Will you sit still and watch the destruction of others come to an end or will you be the one who creates a reason for them to live?

Your children are depending on you to make a difference and sitting through the storm won't do it. Will you be the one who say, I'm doing something now so they can have what they need later? I'm on a mission to make this world a better place for my grandkids and I need your help. I need you to stand up and do something different. Don't let your struggles go unheard. Don't just watch the news, become the news of a positive situation. Don't say, I don't have time for that when time is precious and dying everyday. When will you rise up and say, enough is enough and I will never forget the strength I've gained through my struggles. I will never forget how far I've come and I will always remember tomorrow is another day and I will make a difference.

Written by: AuthoressEvelyn

NOTE: I write from my heart and I'm not perfect, so there will be errors in my post and I really don't care. Sorry, but not sorry! I'm writing to help me and hope to help someone else. Let's create a movement of helping others who might need us by sending them to our Facebook page: